How We’ll do Better by our Families Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease

Providing Care For People With Alzheimers

According to Alzheimer’s San Diego: “In San Diego County, there are 84,000 people living with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia, and more than 250,000 people caring for them. There is currently no effective treatment or cure.

Local organizations like ASD are doing great things to help these families. But the City of San Diego can do more.

For example, there is a gap in coverage for centers that provide day-to-day care to people suffering from Alzheimer’s. In turn, the people who care for their loved ones sometimes have to miss work, work less hours, or forego other opportunities like going back to school.

We must help these families. We must give them peace of mind that they can go to work, attend school, and start a business—even if their loved ones are suffering from Alzheimer’s. We can’t let them carry this weight alone.

Here’s my plan to do better by our families affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

First, We’ll Open Family Service Centers

Grandparents With Their Grandchildren

There’s a geographical coverage gap in the facilities that provide per-diem care for people suffering from Alzheimer’s. This makes it hard for people to get transport to and from these facilities, so that their loved ones have a safe place to go during the day.

Additionally, sometimes the cost is too much for families to manage. So, instead of paying for per-diem care for their loved ones, our residents forego working or going to school, to stay home and tend to their family members.

To fix this, we’re going to open City-run Family Service Centers. These will provide the same services as the other facilities that provide day-to-day care of people suffering from Alzheimer’s. They’ll be staffed with City employees who are trained in caring for this vulnerable population. We’ll have on-site medical experts to ensure everyone’s kept safe.

And we’ll strategically place these new Family Service Centers close to hospitals and emergency rooms, so that if something does happen, we can react quickly.

Anyone in San Diego will be able to take advantage of these services. Payment will be on a sliding scale. Higher-income families will pay more to enroll their loved ones at the Family Service Centers, while lower-income families will pay little to nothing.

Second, We’ll Help with Transport

People Riding A Bus

For those families who already have a center they like, we’ll ease their burden by providing bus transportation to and from their homes. The busses will also provide transport to and from the City-run centers.

Like enrollment in the Family Service Centers, the price of using the City transport will depend on each family’s income. Those who can’t afford an extra expenditure won’t pay anything at all. Those who are blessed with more resources will pitch in a little extra.

Third, We’ll Support Organizations like ASD, and Amplify Their Work

People Listening To Presentation

Every day, ASD improves our community by providing resources + training on Alzheimer’s. It also provides tools like the ability to speak with a counselor and to take classes on coping with providing care to people suffering from this disease.

So, we’ll provide funding to expand these resources, so that ASD can do more of this crucial work.

We’ll also appoint Alzheimer’s Resources Liaisons at each Family Service Center. They’ll make sure that families utilizing the centers know about all the other tools available to them.

With this plan, we can make the lives of over 300,000 San Diegans easier.

Here’s How We’ll Pay for It

Calculator And Figures On Desk

In San Diego, we have over 100 million square feet of retail rental space. Retailers make large profits off of our locals and off of tourists.

By adding a modest tax of one cent—yes, just 1¢—per square foot, per month, to every square foot of retail rental space, we can generate millions in new revenue for the City to use to support this and other programs.

And that’s the right thing to do, because our families deserve it.

Help me win this election, so we can make this plan a reality.

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