Why I’m Running for San Diego City Council District 7 in 2020

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On a mission to make San Diego work better—for everyone—today I’m announcing my candidacy for San Diego City Council District 7.

Running for District 7 is important to me because I’ve built a community in that district—including while at the University of San Diego’s law school. I’ve lived and worked in various areas of San Diego for 7+ years—and beyond my time at school, I lived in Mission Valley for years.

I see the vast potential that remains untapped in District 7’s collection of communities.

If you’re not familiar with Dist. 7, the area is on the mid-to-eastern side of San Diego, stretching from Mission Valley and Linda Vista to Miramar and Lake Murray. See map >

The City of San Diego already works well in many ways. For those? We can make them even better. When something’s broken and becomes an issue? We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

I’m thrilled to join the San Diego City Council candidates for 2020—and upgrade the government for everyone.

Get to Know Me

I stand for entrepreneurship, leadership, advocacy, and community. Because I grew up in a family of small business owners and started one of my own, I learned the burdens, complexities, and successes that entrepreneurs can experience.

Since high school, I’ve taken the helm in various organizations. From co-founding my high school’s first LGBT organization to founding the Employment & Labor Law Society at the University of San Diego School of Law, I find opportunities to create positive change and help lead innovation.

Recently, the Employment Law program that I petitioned for, via the Employment & Labor Law Society I founded, was named among the top 7 in the country. I’m proud of leading the petition and the society, which pushed for that program to equip lawyers to promote social justice.

As a lawyer, I represent others’ interests day in & day out. I focus on helping employees and other vulnerable community members, such as people with disabilities. As an educator—from my exam prep business to working with law students—I care deeply about everyone’s education, especially young students across San Diego.

That’s why I’m running for San Diego Council in 2020—to be an advocate for District 7, improve the communities it encompasses, and make San Diego better, as a whole.

Among the key issues I champion are: improving education, addressing homelessness, and expanding tourism to District 7. All three are foundational to making San Diego work—for everyone.


How are we giving students access to the best technology—the type that prepares them for the future?

Step Up Education

We must ensure San Diego’s education system takes care of every student. That means when budget cuts happen, a creative solution needs to fill that financial gap.

Because I work with students via my small business, have teachers in my family, and represent students as an attorney, I gain a window into the ways we can improve education, across the board.

During the San Diego City Council Election 2020, let’s ask the tough questions:

  • Are special-education programs getting the funding they need?
  • Do we have a reporting system in place to ensure that all students in San Diego’s public schools receive the best education possible?
  • Are we using technology to form low-cost solutions to obstacles in education?
  • How are we giving students access to the best technology—the type that prepares them for the future?

I’m committed to effective education for all students, in District 7 and extending to every San Diego community.


First, we need to identify the subpopulations within the homeless community. That way, we can help more people’s real needs, more effectively.

Address Homelessness

Across San Diego, homelessness must be addressed. Various groups are impacted, with veterans heavily represented.

To help more people, we first need to identify the subpopulations within the homeless community. That way, we can truly serve specific needs.

For instance, we must amplify resources for homeless veterans, who comprise a sizable portion of San Diego’s homeless community. The City of San Diego can promote non-profit services like 2-1-1 San Diego, a veteran-staffed, confidential 24/7 helpline, and expand more ways to assist homeless vets.

Together, we can address homelessness. Let’s start immediately—and offer more of our community the support it needs.

Entrepreneurs across District 7 can benefit from the City of San Diego’s strong tourism industry.

Expand Tourism to District 7

San Diego is estimated to attract 35 million+ visitors each year. With such a strong tourism industry along the coast & downtown, why not bring more tourism revenue eastward?

Our city can direct more business toward District 7 and its surrounding neighborhoods. Restaurants run by local entrepreneurs, lodging accommodations in the area, and shop owners can all benefit.

Promoting the amazing small businesses and places to stay in eastern San Diego is an easy step to take.

In fact, there are many simple steps to fix—and improve—our city. And I could use your help to put those ideas into action—especially when the polls open next March.

Let’s do this together.

Donate Now, Vote March 3, ‘20

In March 2020, you’ll see me on the primary ballot.

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